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Indoor 3D 2013 – Cape Town

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Over the last decade the mapping and modelling of indoor and enclosed spaces has received greater attention. Indoor space differs from outdoor space in many respects: the spaces are smaller; there are many constraints such as walls, doors, stairs, furniture and so forth. To be able to represent indoor spaces in a proper manner many data acquisition concepts, data models, and standards have to be redefined to meet the requirements of indoor spatial applications. The acquisition, modelling and navigation in indoor and enclosed environments continue to be the subject of active research. These research activities aim to 1) advance acquisition systems, modelling, mobile computing and augmented systems, and 2) support indoor application systems such as positioning and navigation or facility management to name a few.

Because of the increased research in this subject ISPRS Working group IV/7 in collaboration with WG I/2, ICWG II/IV, WG III/2 and WG IV/6 and OGC SWG IndoorGML are holding a conference on the subject of 3D indoor mapping, modelling, visualisation and navigation. This conference will be held from 11 – 13 December 2013 in Cape Town South Africa. It is hoped that this conference will provide a platform for further discussion and stimulate greater collaboration on 3D indoor mapping research.



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